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zmd (by @jotzilla) hosts a variety of utilities that you can access via curl in a CLI. PHP does the heavy lifting, and the services rely on several datasets & APIs. newsletter

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Utilities & services

Please note that is in open beta. The URL structure and features may change, but you can track changes by sending the request: curl

Product Hunt


Checks the latest posts on Product Hunt. Includes a list of the top 20 products with their tagline and upvote count.

URL Shortener


Converts your long URL into a short one. is the parent domain for shortened URLs (e.g., I may introduce new parent domains in the future.



Provides the weather data for your current location. Your location details are not cached or stored during the process.


Provides the weather data for any given city. Powered by

Text to ASCII


Converts any given text to ASCII art. A number to the suffix (/4 for example) represents the font style, and it's mandatory to select a font style. Plus you have 289 font styles to choose from.

Convert ASCII art to png

curl your text to ASCII art as an image file. And you'll receive a URL (see example) to download it. profile


or curl

Prints the basic details from a profile. Replace 'mighil' with your username. It includes the PFP (converted to ASCII art), about, and contact details. I highly recommend you to create an account on, so that you can share curl with someone.

Currency exchange rate


Converts 3000 USD to CNY. Replace usd and cny with ISO 4217 currency codes of your choice.

DNS checker


Queries DNS records for a given domain name. It allows you to view all the DNS records for a website.

Domain checker (availability & age)


Checks whether the domain name is available. If no, it checks the age of the domain. Replace with a domain name you like. TBA: DA, PA, and Spam Score check.

IP address lookup


Lookup a geolocation of an IP address including latitude, longitude, city, region and country. Please use it for research purposes only.

Unit conversion


Converts from one unit to another. The unit converter format copied from by Kailash Nadh. dig unit to see all 70 available units.

Check Time


Checks Chengdu time. Replace Chengdu by any city of your choice.


Provides you the time difference between two cities in hours & minutes.

English dictionary


Provides the definition(s) of English words. Replace spaces with hyphens.

Quick translation


Translates Hello World from English to German. Please separate words by hyphen (-). Replace en and de with any language of your choice. Here's a list of language identifiers. zh- languages are not supported for now.